Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Below men wait... delay
Hacking away into the minds of tourists
Hoping the opportunist himself will capture and release the need to spend
Alleys fill as pressures mark the ways of interchange
Languages, buildings, markets
The religious sounds separate the boundaries
Absorb the people into sanction
Time passes the splendour is disturbed and advanced
Shouting words
Always going to be white in this nest of wealth, health
Treasures not shared
Emotions rejected unprepared
Barriers so hard to cross as corruption costs
Pulls people further
Lives cry
Above governments high flying lives
A commonplace for all tourists to see and spend
All luxuries owned by them
Betrayed what can the people do but wait
Hope in God hope that they
The citizens still sit waiting
Tourists buy an item
To get by secure their life
The rooftops alter slated to corrogated
Putting people in their class
Slowly things will turn into the past
Laid back people seem
The palm trees a signature of peace
In the vast array shaped and aligned with the blue horizon
Is Heaven

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