Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Forced onto a bus

(photo above - Kibera Slum - largest slum in Nairobi)

Moyale Road in North Kenya is renowned for bandits - The Shifta Tribal group have a very bad name. I have heard many horror stories including recent activity. I met a guy in Khartoum who had been shot in the shoulder through the windscreen of a car last month. As Steve decided to take the Lake Turkana route my instinct assured me to get a public bus. As a cyclist you cannot cycle on a dodgy road, you are very vulnerable. If you are spotted every item can be stolen on the spot. After a lot of thought I knew it wouldn't be worth the risk.

Arriving in Kenya has made me realise how intense Ethiopia was. Now I have taken a step back from the changing people, places, actions, landscapes, I find myself easily reeling all of my thoughts. No one is shouting for my attention or making eye contact, nodding out of kindness and respect. I could never tell whether adults or children were going to test me / talk with high intense interest / feed from your curious surprised expressions / be casual in approach or scream to ask for some sort of donation. In Nairobi all you hear about and see is corruption and robbery; I did visit the second largest slum in Africa (Kibera) on my second day but my curiousity always gets the better of me! I am currently staying on the outskirts of Nairobi and wake up to Kenyan Christian choir music! It is beautiful. As I walk around I can hear a kids chorus of english education and friendly faces fill the undulating stone red sandy narrow pathways.
I continue to stay streetwise, have faith and explore AFRICA...

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